FM Transmitters

Technalogix 300 Watt FM Transmitter
Technalogix FM Transmitters - LPFM FCC Certified

● Class leading standard feature set included at NO EXTRA CHARGE: Stereo Encoder, RBDS/RDS Generator, SCA, Low Pass Filter, FSK, and Repeater Applications.

● Built in compressor/limiter Efficient OLED front panel monitoring

● World class reliability and quality from North American design and manufacture Frequency agile 87.5 – 108MHz

● AES, S/PDIF, and analog audio inputs standard

● Unmatched efficiency with state-of-the-art transistors and power supply

● Extensive monitoring through Ethernet, SNMP, and parallel interface

● 2 Year Warranty

*Please refer to Brochure for sizes.*

Technalogix Models

TX-50 – 50 Watt FM Transmitter
TX-150 – 150 Watt FM Transmitter
TX-300 – 300 Watt FM Transmitter
TX-500 – 500 Watt FM Transmitter

OMB Models

OMB 250 Watt LPFM Radio Package

All transmitters are FCC certified for LPFM radio use.

To order call 239-42-RADIO (72346)