The LPFM Radio Second Adjacent Waiver: Why You Need a Broadcast Engineering Consultant

LPFM Radio Engineering Requirements
Second Adjacent Waiver Engineering Requires an Engineer!

In the world of radio broadcasting, opportunities don’t come knocking every day. LPFM (Low Power FM) radio stations are a unique and valuable resource, especially when it comes to serving local communities. However, the process of obtaining an LPFM radio frequency, especially one that requires a Second Adjacent Waiver, is far from a walk in the park. This is where the necessity of hiring a broadcast engineering consultant becomes crystal clear.

One Shot, Ten Years

First, let’s set the stage. The last LPFM radio application window opened a decade ago in 2013. That’s right; you’ve got one shot, and this opportunity won’t come around again for a long time. Now, imagine missing this golden chance because of a simple mistake. Is it really worth trying to save a few bucks when the stakes are this high? In reality, it’s not saving money if you don’t get what you want.

The Complexity of Second Adjacent Waivers

LPFM radio frequency applications that require a Second Adjacent Waiver are exceptionally challenging. These waivers are needed when your proposed station frequency is too close to an existing one. Unlike a standard LPFM application, which already demands a fair bit of expertise, the Second Adjacent Waiver applications are on a whole other level.

This is where the critical need for a broadcast engineering consultant comes into play. The truth is, a non-engineer, especially one who specializes in full-power radio station applications, engineering, and engineering exhibits, is simply not equipped to handle the intricacies of a Second Adjacent Waiver application. They might not even know where to begin.

Time is of the Essence

The LPFM Radio filing window for 2023 is a narrow one, from December 6th through the 13th. To ensure success, it’s crucial to secure the services of an experienced engineer immediately. Waiting until the last minute is not an option. Once the calendar flips to November 2023, it may already be too late to find someone who can help.

Your Solution: Nexus Broadcast

While we highly recommend entrusting your application to professionals like Nexus Broadcast, we understand that some may still want to file on their own. In such cases, we can offer a lifeline โ€“ engineering data, including Second Adjacent Waiver engineering data, for $1,200.

However, let’s be clear: even with this data in hand, navigating the LPFM radio application process successfully without expert guidance is an uphill battle. Don’t let your chance slip away. Ensure your LPFM radio dream becomes a reality by enlisting the support of a broadcast engineering consultant who knows the ropes.

The LPFM Radio Second Adjacent Waiver application process is a formidable challenge. To make the most of this once-in-a-decade opportunity, hiring a broadcast engineering consultant is not just a smart move; it’s the only way to ensure your success. Don’t gamble with your dreams โ€“ invest in the expertise that will make them a reality.ย  Contact us today to get started!