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Choosing Nexus Broadcast Assistance

Broadcast Engineering Experience

  • Nexus Broadcast is headed by Leo Ashcraft,  a broadcast engineer and broadcast consultant.  He commands over 28 years of experience in FCC regulatory and technical matters.  He has assisted many clients in application preparation and filing FCC  applications and compliance matters. These clients have included Christian, African-American, and Hispanic-American groups. Many are first-time broadcasters.

Stay Informed

  • Nexus will keep you informed of the  FCC  requirements for radio stations, we will assist you in preparing and filing applications with the FCC, and advocate the interests of broadcasters.


  • Nexus is dedicated to providing affordable Broadcast consulting services.  We are not affiliated with or represent group owners of large commercial broadcast stations. The fees are $750 for us to review an application prepared by you.   We will ensure that the required documentation is complete and that the application is in compliance with FCC regulations. Or, if you would like us to prepare and file the application for you, the fees would be $2,500.  Some discounts are available, contact us to see if you qualify.  In either case, we will guarantee that your application is acceptable for filing with the FCC.


  • Many prospective clients asked us why they would need a professional Broadcast consultant to assist with filing an application at the FCC.  The FCC imposes very strict technical requirements on applicants and imposes very strict requirements as to who is eligible to apply.  If your application is not in strict compliance with FCC rules and “letter perfect,” and if the required documentation is incomplete, it will be dismissed without a chance to file again!


  • In addition to providing Radio & TV Broadcast consulting services to review or prepare an application, we also show you how you can increase your chances of obtaining a license in the event of competing applications for the same frequency in your area.   We can also file petitions to deny against competing applicants if requested by you and the facts and law warrant such a petition.  If a programming time-share agreement with competing applicants is required by the FCC, we will negotiate and put together an agreement for you and obtain FCC approval.  Fees for post-filing services will be at reasonable hourly rates and in addition to those quoted above.

Please read our full disclosure regarding use of Nexus Broadcast Services here.