FCC Warns Operator About Two Stations

Agents from Enforcement Bureau made not one โ€ฆ not two โ€ฆ but eight different visits to a residential property in Lauderhill, Fla., that was allegedly illegally broadcasting radio signals on not one, but two different frequencies.


Earlier this month, agents from the bureau at the Federal Communications Commission warned Wilfrid Salomon of Lauderdale Lakes in a Notice of Unlicensed Operation. Direction-finding techniques found signals emanating from a palm tree-lined court in the Southwest Florida city. Signals were allegedly found to be broadcasting on frequency 107.1 MHz and 87.9 MHz from the same home.


Agents conducted field strength measurements of both signals and found that the signals exceeded 100 microvolts per meter at three meters, which is the maximum for unlicensed devices. In each Notice of Unlicensed Operation that it sends, the FCC clarifies that there is one exception to this licensing requirement: For certain transmitters operating at a power level that complies with standards established in Part 15 of the commissionโ€™s rules.


Source: Radio World