Radio Broadcast Technical Services

Broadcast Engineering, Consulting & Technical Services

Nexus Broadcast can provide a wide range of applications, maintenance, construction and other technical services for your broadcast facilities. Whatever you may need, Nexus is here to help. 

  • New Applications – Our engineers are here to help at any stage of your new FCC broadcast application.  Whether that is just advice or full preparation and filing, Nexus is here to help.
  • Upgrade Applications – Ready to give that station the extra power it needs?  Nexus can perform technical studies to show you what your new coverage will be like.  We can follow up by preparing all necessary engineering and filing the application with the FCC for you. 
  • Modification Application – Has your board of directors changed?  Selling your station and need help legally transferring it to the new owner?  Let Nexus help you through this government maze of paperwork, we make it easy!
  • Future Expansions – Our design and construction team is ready to build whenever you are ready to expand.  The people that design and build it will be working with your operations staff long after the last wire is installed. 
  • Emergency Service – We remain “On-Call”, 24 Hours per day.  Someone will always be at the other end of the line to help when you really need it. 
  • Telephone Support – Sometimes all you need is a quick answer.  Support provided at reasonable hourly rates. 
  • Technical Advisory & Recommendations – We provide fair and impartial advice on a wide range of technical issues that allow your company to set reasonable goals and objectives. Our recommendations help you plan your strategies by giving you timely information in an ever changing technical environment. 
  • Project Management – Putting together a new facility or updating an old one can be a formidable task. We specialize in working with your specifications to deliver turn-key projects on time and within budget. 
  • Facility Value Assessment – Companies looking to buy or sell broadcast properties require technical appraisals of the facility. Don’t over-pay of undersell simply because you didn’t have the facts to back-up your negotiations! 
  • Cost Estimates – We provide estimates for the purchase of broadcast systems and the construction of TV or radio facilities. 
  • Systems Integration – Nexus and its affiliates provides full systems integration with complete documentation to meet all of you needs.  From edit rooms to full station plans and from analog to digital, we can deliver quality installations at reasonable prices. 
  • Design Services – Nexus will assist you in choosing the appropriate equipment to meet your specific needs and provide a complete layout and design.  Systems documentation includes wire run lists and CAD drawing of our entire installation.