Spilled Soda? Rice May Save the Day

As much as we protect our precious portable devices such as our smart phones, ipods, etc. Sometimes the worst happens – a spill, a drop into a liquid. While this certainly can destroy electronics, as water and electricity don’t play well together, the problem is more one of residue left behind by the liquid. When the worst happens, don’t panic! Follow these steps and you just may save the device from the landfill.

First, quickly remove the battery. The longer current is flowing through the new liquid connections, the more possibility for damage. Next, if there is a SIM card or memory card take that out as well. If you are sure the liquid penetrated the device, gently pour a small of rubbing alcohol into the device. Otherwise wipe off the device with a cloth dipped in the alcohol.

The higher the alcohol content the better. This will help to remove any residue and evaporate the liquid quickly. Be sure to shake out the excess as much as possible – you might use a bit of compressed air here to help. Be sure to wipe all the moisture off of the outside of the device. Now here is the big surprise, place the device (and battery) in a small container of uncooked rice. ย Use a sealed container and snap the lid in place. Wait till the next day and try out the device. You might be surprised when it functions perfectly.

I have used this method on cell phones and many keyboard spills, so far with 100% success. Of course your results and mileage may vary, but what do you have to lose at this point – it’s likely bricked from your sugary soda or coffee otherwise. Some devices can take more time to dry, so the longer you can leave the device in the container the better. Next time be more careful, but when it happens you now have a bit of knowledge that just may save your device from the trash.

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