Farewell Old Friends

Thank you for 30 years of support. July 31st - 2014 - Nexus Broadcast, LLC has ceased operations. There were many reasons driving this decision to close - ultimately the economy and downward trend occurring in the broadcast industry over the last decade has forced this move.

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These groups is open again! Feel free to add your friends. Its donated to the LPFM community and contains a wealth of information from past group postings:

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I had shut the group off when I closed Nexus Broadcast in July 2014. I retired at that time due to issues with my health. I have had declining health since 2005 when I was diagnosed with diabetes. I got a bit better and began working again in 2007 and assembled a team of a bunch of great guys including John Gutierres Aaron Scott Gene Rowley and Joe Serocki . These guys helped me propel Nexus to the next level. However, a bigger company meant bigger responsibilities and stress. By July 2014, I just couldnt handle it anymore. The Nexus team did their best to hold it all together - but thats impossible without an active leader. So reluctantly I closed my 30 year old business. By December my health was continuing to get worse. On December 22nd I went to the doctor after having chest pains for over 24 hours. He rushed me to the hospital and admitted me. Within a few minutes they determined I was having a heart attack and flew me by helicopter to the nearest cath hospital some 50 miles away in Tyler. There they put in two stents in my heart and told me I had 99% blockage. On December 24th they sent me home. But within 24 hours I was having chest pain again. And yet again they sent me back to Tyler where they put in a third stent between the first two as they had failed. I spent about a week in the hospital recovering this time. But the problems weren't over. There were still blockages in other veins in my heart. So in January I returned to the emergency room - this time going directly to the Tyler hospital. They put in four additional stents to eliminate the final blockages I had. I spent another week in the hospital recovering. My cardiologist says that the problems were very likely genetic and I have had these heart problems all of my life. It explains a lot of issues I had with pain in my body, specially my muscles and a lack of energy. I would get cranky easy. I was in pain constantly - but as long as I can remember - so I had tuned it into a dull pain that I could deal with. But any little thing would push me over the edge. I went to several doctors over the years and all I got was - you're fat, lazy - you need to exercise. But the problem was - I couldn't exercise for more than 5 or ten minutes without being exhausted. And then my muscles would be in pain for a week. While I am not fully recovered yet - I can tell you that now going to cardio rehab twice a week - they exercise me for an hour at a time and I am not even tired after that. My muscles are usually sore and if they are it goes away within 24 hours. I do have some other health issues besides this and the diabetes and am concentrating on improving my health this year now that 80% of my health issues have been resolved. I want to thank those that stood beside me throughout all of this. While I do not have any plans to return to the broadcast industry, I do consider many of you friends and would like to use this group to keep in contact with you. I am dedicating this group to the community as well as the - please add your friendly friends and enjoy the group.