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Filing Window for New NCE FM Station Applications Announced!!!

BREAKING: NCE FILING WINDOW DATES: November, 2 through November 9, 2021! There will be an application cap of 10 per organization.  This new filing window will be for new noncommercial FM radio stations in the reserved FM band (88.1 – 92.1 FM).

Chairman Pai last year responded to a Congressional inquiry about the next window for new LPFM stations. In his letter he stated that the LPFM window would follow the window for new noncommercial FM stations, since noncommercial applicants have not had an opportunity to file for new stations in over a decade.

The 2010 window for NCE applications was for a limited number of commercial frequencies that had been set aside and reserved for noncommercial use where the reserved band had constraints. The last window for reserved band FM stations (88.1 to 91.9 FM) opened in 2007. While the last window for filing Low Power FM applications occurred in 2013.
Stations in the reserved band can be located where no interference is created to an existing FM station.  These type of applications are more complicated than those for LPFM. Start your planning now as the analysis as to where a new station can be located can be very time consuming.


Nexus has set up hundreds of non-commercial and commercial FM radio stations across the United States. We also support hundreds of other installations in other parts of the world. We can assist you or your organization to start a new Radio Station, prepare and file FCC engineering applications for upgrades and new licenses. We can perform detailed studies to determine upgrade potentials for your existing station. Assistance is available for petition preparation, petition responses, enforcement response or just consulting on any broadcast related issue.

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We are broadcasters ourselves, enabling us to offer unparalleled support through all the stages of building and operating a radio station. Nexus offers complete service to help you start up a licensed FM, AM or Low Power FM radio station in the United States, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. We can take care of the entire project – from licensing with the FCC to determining the best studio and antenna location, supplying all the equipment for the station, setting up the radio automation software, installing the studio equipment, to providing training on how to use all the equipment. Simply stated – we help you with starting an FM radio station from start to finish! Nexus Broadcast really is your one stop source for all broadcasting related needs. Check around, you’ll find we have a solid reputation in the broadcasting community.

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